Both words "Stützung" and "Unterstützung" mean "support". But what is the difference in their application?

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    "Stützung" in rare everyday life, instead people use "Stütze".
    – Iris
    Aug 3, 2016 at 8:02

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In English, "support" has 2 main definitions:

  • Support, as in giving help - "customer support"
  • Support, as in holding up - "The pole is supporting level 1 of this building"

"Stützen" here means the second meaning, whereas "unterstützen" the first meaning.

Here are some sentences:

Wie kann ich Sie unterstützen? - How can I help you?

Ich habe meine kranke Mutter gestützt. - I (physically) supported my sick mother.

Wie soll ich Sie stützen? - How should I support you (physically)?

Ich habe meine kranke Mutter unterstützt. - I supported [helped] my sick mother.


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