Do you know or do you have a source of German important phrases that can be used in emails?

For example, I am using some phrases like

  • If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
  • kindly find attached
  • I hope everything going well by you


I want in general to learn these phrases in German. I don't like to translate it, I prefer if someone has experience about such phrases teach me so that I can write it correctly.

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Here is a website where German phrases in e-mails are translated into English.

This site is made for German native speakers who want to write correct English letters, therefore the descriptions are in German. But I think you will find what you want:

business e-mails:
bab.la Phrasen: Geschäftskorrespondenz | Brief (Deutsch-Englisch)

private e-mails:
bab.la Phrasen: Persönliche Korrespondenz | E-Mail (Deutsch-Englisch)

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