What does the following sentence mean?

Ich habe zu Hause Krach.

It was used as an example displaying the meaning of Krach, along with the following sentence meaning “I am in trouble with my parents.”

Ich habe Krach mit meinen Eltern.


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It means that you are angry at/have trouble with your partner/parents etc.


Krach is a synonym to Streit. The meaning comes from yelling loudly at each other. Other synonyms:

  • Zoff (an issue with a bad ending),
  • Ärger (does not imply a confrontation tho),
  • Stunk (verb is stänkern)
  • dicke Luft (metaphorical atmosphere)

Usually "Krach" means that you aren't in much trouble. "Krach" is equal to "Streit"

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    "Wieso bist Du zuhause abgehauen?" - "Ich habe Krach mit meinen Eltern." - dass Krach für wenig Probleme steht würde ich nicht unterschreiben. Oct 24, 2016 at 22:27

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