Unfortunately I couldn't think of a neutral name unlike in other email fields of my online form like E-Mail der Projektleitung.
Also it is very important in my company to list both genders if no neutral word is possible. Unfortunately there's not enough space to spell out E-Mail der Antragstellerin/ des Antragstellers.

Is my suggestion in the question perfectly fine or would you do it differently? I'm unsure because I can't remember seeing this before.

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If space matters we may omit the articles here. This would make the field entries considerably shorter:

E-Mail Projektleitung
E-Mail Antragsteller/in

This answer deliberately does not discuss whether Antragsteller was gender neutral enough or not. It is up to the the company on how to treat such matters.

  • great, I didn't think about leaving out the articles because I was so used to seeing them! :D
    – Cold_Class
    Commented Oct 28, 2016 at 12:47

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