I will try to persuade your parents.

My translation is

Ich werde mich bemühen von deinen Eltern zu überreden.

Is the grammar right?
Because there are three verbs I’m a little confused.

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    I wonder why you thought you had to write von deinen Eltern instead of deine Eltern. Because apart from that and the missing comma after bemühen it's correct. – Janka Nov 20 '16 at 4:22

If you have trouble using two verbs, it sometimes helps to add them one at a time, starting with the full verb, ending with the auxiliaries (if any). In this case, the ‘base sentence’, ‘I am persuading your parents’ is:

Ich überrede deine Eltern.

The verb in question is jemanden überreden and takes an accusative object. Adding a verb for to try — you used bemühen which works, but I would prefer versuchen which captures the trying intent better — you need to put the newly-formed infinitive to the back of the sentence:

Ich versuche, deine Eltern zu überreden.

Note that:

  • the case of deine Eltern did not change, it remains accusative
  • I put a comma before the extended infinitive because it’s more than just the verb and zu
  • no von ever turned up.

Putting that into the future case — future isn’t as bad in this sentence as it would be in others, but depending on the context present tense might still be a better choice even if you’re speaking about the future — i.e., adding werden leaves us with:

Ich werde versuchen, deine Eltern zu überreden.

And if you want to stick with bemühen, that’s fine and gives you the following results:

Ich überrede deine Eltern.

Ich bemühe mich, deine Eltern zu überreden.

Ich werde mich bemühen, deine Eltern zu überreden.

  • I do wonder which part of this answer was unclear or not useful. – Jan Nov 20 '16 at 18:15

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