When we use Aufstellungsort instead of Ort to indicate a location? I found some references they use Aufstellungsort, while this word is not so common in many dictionaries and it even doesn't exist in Google Ndiagram!

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Aufstellungsort would be a special kind of Ort/location, namely a place where something is erected/placed/put (aufgestellt). For instance:

Der Aufstellungsort des Temperaturfühlers sollte nicht direkter Sonneneinstrahlung ausgesetzt sein. (The temperature sensor should not be placed in direct sunlight.)

The word Aufstellungsort is not commonly used outside of manuals/instructions.


Most compound words in German aren't in the dictionary. You have to learn identifying the components. This one has


Track it from tail to head because the end is the most important part of a compound word. That's a rule.

Ort should be clear to you. A place.

-s- is the Fugen-s which is inserted as a pronounciation help. Without the -s-, there would be a glottal stop between Aufstellung- and -ort, which could be mistaken for a word border. That's why you need the -s-.

Aufstellung finally is a noun made from the verb aufstellen. Such nouns ending with -ung usually denote the type of action or result of an action. They are often used for compound words instead of infinitives made to nouns. Aufstellen in this case is to set up.

So this compund word decodes to Place-action of setting something up. A place where something is set up.

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