I'm having trouble finding an appropriate English translation for the adjective "link" used in the examples below:

"Der linke Begriff des Establishments wird ihm zur Waffe."

"... einen weißen Mob gegen einen bestimmt nicht linken Politikbetrieb mobilisieren kann, ..."

I have "misleading" for the first one, but can't quite figure out a suitable word for the second. If I am on the right track, that is? I hadn't come across this word before until now.

Any suggestions?


In both sentences you would say "leftist" in English. In the second one you could also say "left-wing".

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There are a few different meanings for this word. Your examples seem to have a political context.

Links means Left in this context and stands for a politcal "direction". Like left or right politicians.

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If the word in your examples mean the political orientation Links, left-wing as suggested by @fdb is the correct translation.

But linke/linken could also have a different meaning: The adjective link means deceitful/dubious.

In my experience link not very common nowadays, but you can't rule it out completely. And in my opinion there is not enough context in your examples to know which meaning is intended here.

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