When I arrange some appointments on the phone and I say "Ich komme morgen bei Ihnen", my colleagues always laugh and find it funny. How to say it so that it does not sound funny.

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    To explain the amused reaction: "Kommen" has in German two meanings: it can mean "come to" (zu jemandem/etwas kommen) or "cum" (bei etwas kommen).
    – Iris
    Commented Feb 27, 2017 at 12:50

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It's all about prepositions.

The correct answer to "I will come tomorrow" is:

Ich komme morgen zu Ihnen.

The correct answer to your question's title "We'll come tomorrow" is:

Wir kommen morgen zu Ihnen.

What you wrote can be translated as "I will c** tomorrow at your house".

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