I am working through this topic and came across this phrase:

Autisten sollen verstehen, welche einzelnen kleinen Bewegungen welchem Gefühlszustand entsprechen.

Google translates it as:

Autists should understand which individual movements correspond to which state of mind.

Is this correct? I'm wondering where the kleinen (= small) went?

I would have translated it as:

The autists should understand which specific tiny movements correspond to which emotional condition.

Would this be correct too? Or is einzelnen kleinen some sort of idiom I'm unfamiliar with?

  • I guess it was a typoe and your suggestion should contain "autists" instead of "autistic". "Autistic" is the adjective. I fixed that anyway.
    – Em1
    Mar 22, 2017 at 16:13

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Your translation is correct. "einzelnen kleinen" is no common term but two conjugated adjectives: "einzelnen" is individual or specific in this context and "klein" means little or tiny.

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