In what exactly differs a Handschlitten from a Schlitten?

Aren't they both sledges?

Is a Handschlitten hand-drawn, while a Schlitten isn't?

(This is about the only sensible answer I've been able to come up with myself in trying to explain the difference, if any, between these two words).

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Of course any Schlitten is a sledge but they differ in construction or usage. This is reflected in German composite nouns:

Hundeschlitten, Pferdeschlitten, Holzschlitten, Rodelschlitten, Sportschlitten, ...

From these a Handschlitten is a manually drawn sledge.

By this it differs from other vehicles, and we even have own traffic rules for them:

§73 StVO: [...] Bei Handwagen, Handkarren und Handschlitten genügt jedoch eine Lampe, die nach vorne weiß und nach hinten rot leuchtet [...]

enter image description here

Historical view of a Lumberjack drawing a Handschlitten


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