Today I wanna ask you how to say "give up" and "give in" in german. I wrote some examples bellow.

1st example: The job was so demanding , that he was forced to give up on certain life aspects.

2nd example: This thing is so expensive! I have to give up on it.

3rd example: After all, he noticed that everyone in the room was right, and he gave in.

Thanks in advance.

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1st: "Die Arbeit/Arbeitstelle hat so viel von ihm verlangt, dass er bestimmte Aspekte seines Lebens vernachlässigen musste." Of course, this refers to "neglect". Aufgeben would work, but not as well.

2nd: "Die Sache ist zu teuer, ich gebe es dran." This is informal, aufgeben does not work as well in this case either, but is possible.

3nd: "Am Ende fiel ihm auf, dass alle (Anderen) im Raum/(in der Besprechung?) recht hatte, und er gab nach." Aufgeben would be a stronger word, indicating more of a loss in this case.

  • "Drangeben" ist in Nordostdeutschland völlig unverständlich. Stattdessen sagt man hier "es vergessen" oder "es sich abschminken".
    – Janka
    Apr 16, 2017 at 12:34

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