For example, suppose I wanted to say, "It would keep me from having to rewrite this."

Could I say, "Es würde mich davor bewahren, es umschreiben zu müssen." ?

Does bewahren work here?


Es würde mich davor bewahren, es umschreiben zu müssen.

is correct. However, this is already high-brow German, and only used in very educated speech. Though you could make it top-notch by using bewahrte instead of würde bewahren.

In colloquial German, one would say and write

Ich müsste es (dann) nicht umschreiben.


The answer posted by Janka is definitively the correct one. Nevertheless, I want to point out, that

Es würde mir ersparen, es umschreiben zu müssen.

is also a possible translation. I would use it especially when I am not feeling comfortable with the rewriting. So, the feelings connecting to rewriting are a little bit more negative with ersparen in comparison to the use of bewahren.


Here some more forms to express this in colloquial language (meaning: grammatically not always quite kosher, but very typical for oral communication):

Dann müsste ich's nicht umschreiben. [Oh, that was actually Janka's solution]

Das [er]spart mir, dass ich's umschreiben muss.

Das erspart mir das Umschreiben.

Dann kann ich mir das Umschreiben sparen.

However, for colloquial language "umschreiben" itself is probably a little bit too high-tone. More hits in an everyday language sample would probably give:

Dann müsst' ich's nicht nochmal[s] ändern.

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