I have a German language hiking book for the Westweg (Pforzheim-Basel). The book shows the type of walking in each stage and has percentrages to be walked in each stage, as follows:

  • Hartbelag xx%
  • Wanderwege xx%
  • Wanderpfade xx%.

I see that Hartbelag means tarmac roads and pathways but can find no difference in dictionary definitions between Wanderwege and Wanderpfade. Please does anyone know the answer to this one?


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Wanderpfade are typically cross country routes. I don't know the Westweg but in most cases Wanderpfade are small and narrow paths.

However, Wanderwege are common routes through forests which are wider and easier to hike.

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    +1. Wanderpfade usually have steeper slopes and more bends. They are not suited for biking or for people with disabilities. Some Wanderpfade that are very steep may also be called Steig or Stieg.
    – Janka
    May 6, 2017 at 11:48

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