In this article I got stuck by this sentence:

Die Echos bekommen Musiker, die mit ihren Liedern besonders erfolgreich sind.

If I am correct I can translate it (with the help of Google Translate) to:

The Echo prizes are awarded to those who are particularly successful with their songs.

I am not familiar with the new grammar that die mit leads a clause, especially the article die here. What is happening here?

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Die here is not a definite article. It is the plural form (the same, "die," for all three genders) of the relative pronoun which / that / who (depending in English on the antecedent in the main clause, which in this case is the masculine noun der Musiker in the plural, (die) Musiker).

One way to make sure this is correct is the following sequence:

Die Echos [plural] ... bekommen [plural] ... Musiker [plural] ... die [plural] ... sind [plural].

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