The two short paragraphs below come from the article “Merkel, Seehofer und ihr Wahlprogramm. Das Traumpaar.” in Der Spiegel:

Oh, wie schön ist die Programmarbeit. Wenn man so ein Wahlprogramm aufschreibe, sagt die Kanzlerin, dann könne man noch mal "ein bisschen träumen". Weil da kann man alles hineinschreiben, was man sich wünscht.

"Wann können Sie das schon mal machen?", schwärmt Angela Merkel. CSU-Chef Horst Seehofer neben ihr verkündet fürs schwarz-schwarze Glücksprotokoll: "Die Freude unterstreiche ich."

What does the portion of the second sentence highlighted in bold mean? I don't understand

1) why schwarz is used twice;

2) what's the meaning of Glücksprotokoll. According to dict.cc, für das Protokoll = for the record and nur fürs Protokoll = just for the record. But this still does not clarify the meaning of Glücksprotokoll;

3) Is Horst Seehofer saying: I underline the joy or I emphasize the joy? These are my attempts at translating Die Freude unterstreiche ich. Or is he saying something different?

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"schwarz-schwarz" relates to the two respective conservative political parties of Merkel and Seehofer, CDU and CSU, that are both traditionally associated with the color black.

Glücksprotokoll would be one of the famous German ad-hoc composite substantives consisting of "Glück" and "Protokoll", thus something along the line of records of common happiness

And yes, unterstreichen literally means "to underline" which doesn't work so well in speech and thus can be used to figuratively mean emphasise

So the sentence would roughly translate to

Seehofer, standing next to her announces, just for the records of common black-black happiness: "I must emphasise the pleasure".

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    Just to complete: CSU stands for Christlich Soziale Union and you can elect them only in Bavaria. CDU stands for Christlich Demokratische Union and you can elect them in Germany, except Bavaria. The two parties call themself "Partner". And don't be confused, union has nothing to do with labor union. The parties are conservative.
    – knut
    Jul 3, 2017 at 22:46
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    Also to complete: I feel that Glücksprotokoll carries a certain level of slight contempt or sneering, maybe because the word implies the parties are documenting their (self-assessed!) good luck for the sake of their own satisfaction with their work. Jul 4, 2017 at 4:55
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    @O.R.Mapper I think the notion of a complacent smile comes across in the English version as well.
    – tofro
    Jul 4, 2017 at 6:52

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