I stumbled upon this phrase in a text, where someone is praising this guy's qualities, and I'm in doubt whether it means that every color fits him (about clothes) or (in a more figurative manner) that he blends comfortably in every situation. Does anyone know this expression? Thank you very much.

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    It's about clothes. I never heard or read this in the meaning of blending in comfortably. Such a figurative meaning would involve the word Chamäleon and it's not nice. – Janka Jul 29 '17 at 23:36
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This expression is commonly used in a literal sence, i.e. he can wear every color refering to clothes. Sometimes it is used when refering to haircolor, usually when someone dyes their hair.


Yepp, that means: this person looks always beautiful, regardless of what he is wearing. It's a politeness phrase. Rarely meant seriously.

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