Is there a list anywhere (in book form or online, though the latter is preferable) of words that were affected by the 1901 orthographic reform? (The one that changed Th to T in native words, replaced C with Z and K, etc., not the 1996 one.)


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No, nobody has done the work of printing out a difference list between the Duden before and after the reform. You have the new Duden of 1903 and that's it.(1)


Wiktionary contains some of the pre-1901 spellings. The entries seem to be marked as follows: {{Alte Schreibweise|Publikum|Reform 1901}}, see for example https://de.wiktionary.org/wiki/Publicum

From the dump dewiktionary-20191020-pages-articles.xml, I can extract 1771 spelling changes (not always base forms, but also inflected forms). If anyone is interested in details, let me know.

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