I've come across the following passage:

Der Münchner Klub zum Beispiel gibt es seit 115 Jahren. Man geht hier davon aus, dass Esperanto auch in Zukunft weiterlebt und dass diese internationale Sprache vielleicht sogar noch mehr an Bedeutung gewinnt.

What does the term mean in this context? in dictionary the closest meaning is 'assume', but here it would be rather 'hope' or 'aspire', right?

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Your dictionary is right, the meaning is assume. An assumption is something on which you base your actions. This is conveyed by von etwas ausgehen: This assumption is the starting point, you go from there. I assume that some members of the club justify their activities by the possible future importance of Esperanto.


Well, it means me rather "presume" or "take for granted", as one assumes something without certain or factual evidences.

  • in this context, expected would fit as well imho ("One expects that Esperanto ..." or "One expects Esperanto to ...") Aug 24, 2017 at 9:41

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