Könnte bitte jemand den Unterschied zwischen schätzen, anerkennen und würdigen erklären?

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The best answer you can get is probably from a dictionary, because those words may have slightly to completely different meanings, depending on the context. I'll give it a shot, though.

Schätzen: Can either mean to evaluate something (e.g. a distance), to assume something, or to appreciate someone (usually in a positive context).

Anerkennen: Can be used to also express appreciation for something. It does not always have to be used in such a positive context, though. Also, it sounds more formal. Also, it can mean to simply acknowledge something (e.g. an independent nation by other nations)

Würdigen: Is used to express appreciation for something/someone, too. It has a very positive connotation in most of the cases and also sounds more formal than "schätzen" does.

However, if you could give a bit more context on what you are specifically looking for, you'd probably receive more fitting answers.

  • Danke das war sehr hilfreich die drei verben haben die Bedeutung( to appreciate) das war ein bisschen verwirrend . – user26807 Sep 1 '17 at 21:23

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