I'm translating some web UI text from English to German that appears in a drop down list. There are two options in the list in English:

  • Manual entry
  • Template entry

This value controls which input form a user is shown when creating a new agenda "entry". For "Manual entry" the user types all the values into text boxes. For "Template entry" some values are already pre-selected based on a template set up in another part of the system.

For "Manual entry" Manueller Eintrag seems to be a good translation, but I have struggled to find a good translation for "Template entry". There are quite a few nouns for "template" in German, but no adjective that I could find.

What would be a good translation for "Template entry" in the given context?


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The adjective (a participle in fact) you look for is vorgegeben.

Vorgegebene Werte verwenden

But German speakers like nouns more than verbs and so

Vorgabewerte verwenden

Verwendung von Vorgabewerten

Eingabe mit Vorgabewerten

sound more German.

A thing about Eintrag. That one addresses the item, the action is Eintragen or Eingeben. Eingabe conveys both.

So a menu could list

  1. Manuelle Eingabe

  2. Eingabe mit Vorgabewerten

  • Da es die akzeptierte Antwort ist: mir fehlt hier noch die Maske, bzw, Eingabemaske für das Eingabefeld.
    – Takkat
    Oct 5, 2017 at 10:09

When you don't have an corresponding adjective, you can use the noun itself and make a composite noun. This is a wonderful property of the German language.

I'd propose:



  • Vielleicht "Vorlageneintrag", mit n zwischen e und e? Oct 6, 2017 at 3:07
  • Das ist sicher besser so, @userunknown. Ich editiere es nach deinem Vorschlag
    – Beta
    Oct 6, 2017 at 5:22

I propose to have a less verbose translation. In a more technical document the English Combo-Box is typically used (Auswahlfeld, if it has to be German), or the admittedly long but precise term Auswahl eines von mehreren vorgegebenen Werten. I assume, the context is to provide some prefabricated answers and a text entry field, if none of these matches.

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