What is the German equivalent of the English "(Ed.)" used in footnotes to indicate an editor's note? Yes, I have tried dict.leo.org and dict.cc and could not find anything.

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    Can you give a more concrete example, i.e. a full note? Depending on the context it could be "Anm." (for "Anmerkung"), e.g. "Anmerkung des Bearbeiters". "Editor" is usually translated as Herausgeber (Hrsg.)
    – Ingmar
    Dec 5 '17 at 19:41
  • I often see "Anm. der Red" when the editor of a journalistic outlet remarks something into a quotation or similar.
    – abbabab
    Dec 6 '17 at 9:53

The most common are:

Anm. d. Verf. / A.d.V. – Anmerkung des Verfassers (author's note)

Anm. d. Üb. / A.d.Ü. – Anmerkung des Übersetzers (translator's note)

Anm. d. Hrsg. / A.d.H. – Anmerkung des Herausgebers (publisher's note)

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    "Anm. d. Red. / A.d.R. - Anmerkung der Redaktion" should also be in this List
    – RoyPJ
    Dec 6 '17 at 13:15

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