The dictionary entry for streichen seems to have many meanings for the same word, although I don’t see which one would make sense.

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"Streichen" in this context means "to wipe". Thus the complete sentence translated to English would be

She wiped her forehead.

This could be e.g. because she was sweating, she was trying to get her hair out of her face, etc.


In this context "to wipe" is the correct translation, as in "She wiped over her forehead" Other usual use cases and translations for "streichen" are:

  • to cancel/delete/remove: e.g. "to cancel financial support" => "finanzielle Unterstützung streichen
  • to paint: e.g. "to paint a wall" => "eine Wand streichen" note: "to paint a painting" => "ein Gemälde malen"

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