In my german worksheet I saw a sentence "Im Bad wurde alles neu gemacht, alle Türen und Wände wurden frisch gestrichen"

Why do we use "wurde" for the first "all" but "wurden" for the second "all"?

  • It doesn't. 1) "wurde" and "wurden" differ in number, not in case (they are verbs, so they have no case). 2) "alles" and "alle" do not differ in case, but in word class: "alles" is a pronoun (like "everything" in English), while "alle" is an adverb or determiner (like "all" in English) - see RoyPJ's answer. Jun 1, 2022 at 13:38

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"Alles" behaves like 'everything'.

"Alle" behaves like 'all'.

Alles ist schön.
Everything is beautiful.

Alle Dinge sind schön.
All things are beautiful.

If you are further interested in different variations of "all-" and your German is good enough, there is an article in the Duden about it.


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