Is the indefinite pronoun "einer" here grammatically correct?

Das ist sicher einer der interessantesten Fragen

shouldn't it be Genitive (= one of the)?


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It's wrong, but not because of case. "Sein" takes a nominative, not a genitive; the fact that a genitive modifier follows later has no bearing on its inflection.

No, it's wrong because of gender. "Frage" is feminine, so a pronoun standing in for it has to be feminine as well, so "eine" is correct. (Note that in this case, the following material does influence inflection. Yes, concord is tricky. Imagine what we Germans could engineer if we didn't have to exert so much of our attention on inflection...)

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    Sprache findet im Unterbewusstsein statt; wir könnten also nicht mehr oder nicht weniger ingenieurieren, wenn wir eine Sprache wie Chinesisch (keine Beugungen, dafür fixe Wortreihenfolge) hätten.
    – Jan
    Commented Dec 21, 2017 at 11:18

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