Recently I started to learn German, I used to watch TV with subtitles and read some stories.

Actually I use Linguee to translate the words and then write them in a piece of a paper to memorize the new vocabulary, which I find not very efficient.

I am wondering if there is a kind of application that remind you each time of the words recently seen (Kind of a popup on screen).

Linguee Application on the phone contains such a feature but I find that the frequency of these notifcations is too low and it s not possible to configure it.

So If it's possible to configure Linguee to give more notification please help me to know.

Otherwise could you suggest other application ?

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Follow www.memrise.com.it has features like various hints to remember the word, notification of word already learned and also frequent revision of words already learned in recent past.It would be helpful for your study .it also have huge forum and you can also track your learning score with other learner across the globe .it fully free of cost with minimal audio support .

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