Challenged by another thread, I wondered how many (correct) spellings there are for das / Auto / fahren / lernen (i.e. sentences with these words in that particular order).


I found three.


Er muss das Auto fahren lernen.

"das" refers to: das Auto
He has to learn to drive the car.
He has to learn to drive that particular car.


Er muss das Autofahren lernen.

"das" refers to: das Autofahren, das Fahren.
(He has to learn the "driving a car".)
He has to learn to drive a car.


Das Auto-fahren-Lernen ist nicht leicht.

"das" refers to: das Auto-fahren-Lernen, das Lernen.
It is spelled with hyphens because of §43.
(The "learning how to drive a car" is not easy.)
It't not easy to learn to drive a car.

To continue the pattern of 1. and 2.

Er muss das Auto-fahren-Lernen ernster nehmen.

(He has to take the "learning how to drive a car" more seriously.)

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    I suggest as an alternative spelling Er muss das Autofahrenlernen ernster nehmen. – Christian Geiselmann Jan 12 '18 at 9:19
  • @ChristianGeiselmann Why? How would you say this fits rule §43? ("Man setzt Bindestriche in substantivisch gebrauchten Zusammensetzungen (Aneinanderreihungen), insbesondere bei substantivisch gebrauchten Infinitiven mit mehr als zwei Bestandteilen.") – mhchem Jan 12 '18 at 9:43

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