Are they interchangeable, I don't understand what adding "Stand" does to "Ort" that makes it a compound word that is different from "Ort".

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    This question is not entirely off topic as all dictionaries have a considerable overlap in translating Ort and Standort which leads to the impression they may be interchangeable or synonyms. To get it reopened and to get an answer that meets you concern best please edit your question to give us results of your research, and why they did not help you in the context you are looking for. If you have merely an interest in the role of the prefix Stand- you may want to add additional examples to make that clearer.
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    Feb 4 '18 at 19:06

The difference between both is probably best described by translating them into a similar pair in English:

Ort – place
Standort – location

Two examples you might come across in daily life:

Teile deinen Standort in Whatsapp. (Share your location in Whatsapp.)


Ich war schon an diesem Ort. (I have been to this place before.)

Of course you could say: "I've been to this location", but I would argue it's not as widely used. However, in German you wouldn't say "Ich war an diesem Standort" (except when talking about a military or a business context).


A Standort is a place where a person or a facility is located.

Wir treffen uns an diesem Ort.

We are going to meet at that place.

Wir treffen uns an diesem Standort.

We are going to meet at that site.


Your position (legend for red dot on public map displays)


The difference between "Ort" and "Standort" is mostly one of perspective. "Ort" is a general term for a place. "Standort" has a narrower focus on a place as the location of something else.

For example, in

Sie hatte den Ort oft besucht.

"Ort" denotes a place in and of itself.

Sie kannte den Standort der neuen Fabrik noch aus ihrer Kindheit.

"Standort" defines the place by saying it's the location of the new factory.

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