Can both, ergänzend and zusätzlich, when used as an adjective, be used before a noun ?

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"Ergänzende Kommentare und zusätzliche Informationen finden Sie im Anhang."

Though both are rather similar, they do not mean exactly the same. You can either use both if you

  • want to emphasize additions without repeating the same word
  • want to express that one item completes something (=ergänzend) and another, or even the same item, provides something in addition (=zusätzlich)

In German, there is no fundamental difference between adjectives and adverbs. However, there's a difference depending on whether an adjective/adverb is made from a verb or a noun.

Ergänzend is the present participle of the verb ergänzen. It plays all three roles nicely:

Die Frage ergänzend meldete sich noch jemand. (as a participle)

Wir machen ergänzend noch etwas anderes. (as an adverb)

Dies ist eine ergänzende Maßnahme. (as an adjective)

Zusätzlich is made from the noun der Zusatz, so it cannot be used as a participle:

Die Frage zusätzlich meldete sich noch jemand.

Wir machen zusätzlich noch etwas anderes. (as an adverb)

Dies ist eine zusätzliche Maßnahme. (as an adjective)


"Ergänzend" means "in completing". Zusätzlich means "in addition."

All completions are additions, but not all additions are completions. You can use "ergänzend" anywhere you use "zusätzlich" but the reverse is not true.

Also, "ergänzend" is derived from a verb, "ergänzen," which means that it can be used as a verb participle with a noun, as well as an adjective or adverb. "Zusätzlich" can only be used as an adjective or adverb.

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