I've felt that both of these examples are correct:

Die Welt zu sehen

Die Welt sehen

I've seen the zu be used and omitted in various sentences.

My suspicions are that these have a slight different meaning of:

To see the world

Seeing the world

I would like someone to confirm of this is correct.

Also, if they are both correct, can they both be used in a normal sentence e.g.

Die Welt zu sehen ist wichtig für mich

Die Welt sehen ist wichtig für mich

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Modal verbs take a bare infinitive:

Ich will die Welt sehen.

While with other verbs, you need either an object clause:

Es ist mein Wunsch, dass ich die Welt sehe.

Or, as a shortening of an object clause that shares the subject with the main clause, an infinitive clause, which needs zu+Infinitiv.

Es ist mein Wunsch, die Welt zu sehen.

Simple infinitive clauses may even drop in as a Prädikativ, no commas then.

Die Welt zu sehen ist mein Wunsch.

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