Which article should I use if I want to call a city beautiful? For example I want to say "Ich möchte das schöne Berlin mal besuchen."

Is it "das schöne Berlin" oder "die schöne Berlin"? Or maybe "den schönen Berlin"?

Berlin is just an example.


„Das schöne Berlin“ is correct as well as „die schöne Stadt Berlin“. Berlin can be changed if neccessary.

But: „Das Dorf, die Gemeinde, der Ort“, if you want distinguish between city, town and village.


Most towns/cities, countries and continents are neuter (das).

There are a few exceptions e.g.:

die Schweiz, die Türkei, die Slowakei
der Libanon, der Jemen
die Niederlande (plural)

There's a more complete list of the exceptions here


I'm sure that saying : "Ich möchte die schöne Stadt Berlin besichtigen" is correct. When I went to Germany one year ago I heard many people saying sentences like this one with other city names!

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    You are correct, one could say 'due schöne Stadt Berlin'. However, the question was about the article if the noun Stadt is omitted: is it der/die/das schöne Berlin? Maybe you can edit your answer to add this.
    – Arsak
    Mar 25 '18 at 16:17
  • due should be die
    – Arsak
    Mar 25 '18 at 18:26

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