Which preposition should I use with the verb abholen? I have seen examples with "in (an), aus and von": Ich hole die Kinder aus der Schule ab / Ich hole die Kinder von der Schule ab. But also: Ich hole dich am Bahnhof ab. Are all these sentences correct? Could I say: "Ich hole dich in deiner Wohnung ab" or is it better to say "aus deiner Wohnung"?

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In former times you might have said 'Confucius says'. In our days replace Confucius by Google:

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Jemanden von der Schule abholen

mostly means a child after classes.

Jemanden an der Schule abholen

means: The school (more precisely: die Straße direkt vor der Schule) is the place, where you pick up the other person, maybe a pupil, maybe a 'schulfremde Person'.

Jemanden aus der Schule abholen

means: The person enters the school building in order to collect the other person.

Jemanden vom Bahnhof abholen

usually refers to a person coming by train.

As for jemanden von zu Hause abholen, I would prefer

Ich komme zu dir und hole ich da ab.

Ich hole dich von zu Hause ab.

You can also say

Ich hole dich bei dir zu Hause ab.

One problem of talking of directions is: They are at the same time very 'not standard' and very imprecise. For an exact localization more detailed inquieries are needed. In my experience very many people are incapable to clearly designate a place. As by miracle most appointments 'work' in spite of the vagueness of the meeting place.

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