actually I like to understand meaning of words by their root and etymology, I am looking to find something like this for German, up to nw I found following books and cons and pros for them , would you please add something new or give a piece of advice?

1) German Word Family Dict Hardcover – Jun 1 1978 / by Keller (Author) - pro: this is near to what I want - cons: price: it is expensive (new: 450 USD!) / it is NOT German, I am almost sure if Germans want to write the same book they can do better as it is their own language ...

2) Wortfamilienwörterbuch der deutschen Gegenwartssprache Gebundene Ausgabe – 15. März 2009 - pro: it is German - cons: well, I checked its inside as much as amazon permitted, it is fine but the description it presents for each word is not enough, and it is not divided based on the root of words

3) Knaurs etymologisches Lexikon. Herkunft und Geschichte unserer Neu- und Fremdwörter Taschenbuch – April 1992 well, its title seems promising but I do not know what is inside, do you know this book?

4) Der kleine deutsche Wortschatz Taschenbuch – 15. Mai 2017 / von Beat Gloor (Autor) well, again: its title seems promising but I do not know what is inside, do you know this book?

5) Der Wortschatzexpander: Eine Sammlung von Vor-und Nachsilben zum Lernen und Nachschlagen 1st Edition, von Richard Moritz it is more about suffix and prefixes, not roots

6) Kluge: Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache Gebundene Ausgabe – 28. September 2011 von Friedrich Kluge
- pro: professional , German - cons: too much for me, not divided by root family

actually it seems the first book is the best possible option for me, it is just strange I can not find something like that published by Germans in Germany !


I have mentioned this book before when someone was looking for a thesaurus:

Dornseiff: Der deutsche Wortschatz nach Sachgruppen.

This book does not try to be a simple thesaurus listing exact synonyms, but instead sorts vocabulary by topic and also lists "close friends" with (at least some) explanation. Definitively have a look inside before you buy - The book is not exactly cheap (Don't use Google books or Amazon look inside - They both offer only very non-interesting pages). You will also need a good dictionary along with it.

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