i have read two versions of sentences :

'Das platz ist nahegelegen von Berlin' and 'Das platz ist in der nähe von Berlin'.

Is one of these sentences grammatically wrong? As far as I could interpret them, the meaning seems the same. Please help..


First, notice that Platz is masculine. Therefore, it must be der Platz.

In der Nähe

If something is near something else, you can use in der Nähe.

Der Platz ist/ liegt in der Nähe von Berlin.

The place is near Berlin.

Nah liegen

A synonym of in der Nähe is nah(e). In connection with the verb liegen, you can form nah liegen and nahe gelegen sein, both meaning to be (located) near/ close to.

Der Platz liegt nah bei Berlin.

The place is close to Berlin.


Der Platz ist nahe Berlin gelegen.

The place is located near Berlin.

Notice that in both expressions the words are written separately.

If you want to say that something is nearby, you can use the past participle nahe gelegen/ nahegelegen, which can be written as one or two words (see canoo.net, §36.2.2):

am nahe gelegenen/ nahegelegenen Platz.


There is also the compound verb naheliegen, of which usually only the participle naheliegend is used, and which means obvious!

Dieser Gedanke ist naheliegend.

This thought is obvious.

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