If I want to say that something can be set from a certain position (as in the setting mechanism is reachable from a certain position), do I use

etw. einstellen aus einer Position


etw. einstellen von einer Position


Der Winkel ist einfach einstellbar von/aus der Position des Fahrers.

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The funny answer here is: both are possible (with von being a little better than aus), but a combination of both is even better.

Der Winkel ist von der Position des Fahrers aus einfach einstellbar

The reason is: You describe that there is a position with von, and at the same time you describe that there is a movement or action originating in the position of the driver by using aus.

My example can be seen as a short form for:

Der Winkel ist von der Position des Fahrers ausgehend einfach einstellbar


This should work:

Der Winkel ist vom Fahrersitz aus einstellbar.

I would not focus on the driver (as the driver doesn’t need to be in the requested position all the time, or someone not being the driver might have to adjust it from the driver’s seat as well, e.g. a mechanic) but on the position.

von einer Position aus einstellbar/bedienbar sein

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