What is the difference between Wahrheit and Wahrhaftigkeit? Because I don't seem to get the difference if there is any.

How can one possibly use wahr and wahrhaftig?


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Wahrheit is the simple word truth. You can tell the truth or lie, it is just up to you.

Wahrhaftigkeit is the strong strive for truth: Someone who is wahrhaftig does NEVER want to tell a lie.

It is an attitude regarding telling the truth.

This wikipedia article has quite good insights, but it is German.

Wahrhaftigkeit ist eine Denkhaltung, die das Streben nach Wahrheit beinhaltet. Wahrhaftigkeit ist keine Eigenschaft von Aussagen, sondern bringt das Verhältnis eines Menschen zur Wahrheit oder Falschheit von Aussagen zum Ausdruck.Die Wahrhaftigkeit kann falsche Aussagen nur durch einen Irrtum hervorbringen. Zur Wahrhaftigkeit gehört die Bereitschaft für wahr Gehaltenes zu überprüfen.


Wahrhaftigkeit is a mindset containing the strive for truth.
Wahrhaftigkeit is not the property of any statement (true or false), but describes the relationship of an human being to telling the truth / lying.
Someone being wahrhaftig can only give false statements if he is wrong. It is important for someone being wahrhaftig to check statements for their truth before believing them.


It's quite easy. The difference is the same as between truth and truthfulness:

wahr --> true
wahrhaft --> truthful, truthfully
Wahrheit --> truth
Wahrhaftigkeit --> truthfulness, veracity

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