I'm a bit confused about the correct term for the personally owned money as basically "money or the amount I have", like a savings bank account, or just simple girokonto. For example, if in an official form I encounter something like the next question: "Aus welchen Einkünften wird der Lebensunterhalt bestritten?"

And I want to state that I have sufficient funds on my bank accounts. And here I'm a bit confused about the term. In the US I'd just state "own savings" or something along these lines.

In German, can it be something as simple as "eigene Vermögen"? Is it a correct term in this case at all? As I understand Vermögen means asses including bank accounts, is that right?

What about "eigene Ersparnisse"? Am I assuming that it means "own savings" in the same sense as in the US for example? Meaning savings as my own money saved over time?


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Own would translate to something like privat-, so you are talking about

  • private Ersparnisse or
  • Privatvermögen

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