Two part question, would it be more common in German websites to have logout or signout(equivalents)? and what would be best to have as a general word in web applications?

I have found the following words for "Logout"

  • abmelden
  • ausmelden
  • Fehlermeldung
  • ausloggen

In Google translate, ausloggen is the word that came up, but I was not able to find any actual examples except for a forum where a contributor wrote

Ausloggen bei yahoo

And I found several other articles where people asked how to logout, they all seem to use that world ausloggen.

When I switched my google setting to German, the word that I saw was abmelden which (i think) translates to "Sign out".

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    Fehlermeldung means error message, is a substantive and has nothing in common with the other choices.
    – guidot
    Aug 21, 2018 at 6:58

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In German Abmelden and Ausloggen can be used as synonyms (in the context of websites). And while Abmelden might be a bit more common, both terms will be self-explanatory to a german user.

For example Amazon and Google (as you already saw) use Abmelden while PayPal uses Ausloggen in the german version of their websites.

A literal translation of signout in German, following the explanation in an answer from ELL SE would be (sich) austragen, however this is not used at all on websites.

And just a hint regarding the translations of Logout you mentioned: Fehlermeldung means error message, which clearly doesn't fit and ausmelden is not even a (german) word.

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