So I am having some problems trying to understand when to use für and zu while talking about having time

I have checked in https://www.linguee.de but I see lot of different sentences.

So far, correct me in case I am wrong:

  • I have no time for something

    Ich habe keine Zeit für etwas
    Ich habe keine Zeit dafür

  • I have no time to do something

    Ich habe keine Zeit, etwas zu machen
    Ich habe keine Zeit dazu

  • I take some time for something/to do something

    Ich nehme mir Zeit für etwas
    Ich nehme mir Zeit etwas zu machen

I am living in Germany so I asked a couple of germans how they use it and all of them said, they "never" use »Ich habe keine Zeit dazu« and always use »dafür«.

Could anyone explain me this scenarios?

  • Related: "Dafür vs. dazu"
    – IQV
    Aug 27, 2018 at 7:35
  • Using stubs like etwas, jemand (something, someone) ist not good. Use concrete words, that you would use in normal speech too. Aug 27, 2018 at 11:31

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As rule of thumb you can say: You use zu if a (unconjugated) verb is following and you use für if a substantive is following.

In the context of having time you are right: Using dafür is common (and sounds "good") while dazu is not common (but unfortunately i can not explain why.)

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