Incorporated verbs include radfahren, staubsaugen etc. Different sites show different results:



So there are staubgesaugt and gestaubsaugt. Which is more frequent used and what about other incorporated verbs?

In the case of staubsaugen, it can be transitive or intransitive, i.e. Ich staubsauge and Ich staubsauge den Teppich. These may be regarded separately.

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This is mostly about considering the incorporated noun as an inseparable prefix or not.

Ich sauge gerade Staub. (plain)

Ich staubsauge gerade. (people say this!)

Ich habe Staub gesaugt.

Ich habe staubgesaugt.

Ich habe gestaubsaugt. (a bit odd, but see above, inseparable is okay.)

All okay!

Ich fahre gerade Rad. (plain)

Ich radfahre gerade. (nobody says this!)

Ich bin Rad gefahren.

Ich bin radgefahren.

Ich bin geradfahren. (nobody says this!)

So, the separable variant is always possible, while the inseparable variant is often not possible.

EDIT: I think you are right about your notion of a separate accusative object. It leads to the inseparable form.

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