How do you say

Now, do you love me?

in German?

I considered 2 options:

  1. Jetzt, Iiebe dir mich?

  2. Jetzt, liebe mir dich?

I think second one is correct. Please help with the underlying grammar.

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None of them is correct.

  1. Conjugation:

Ich liebe

Du liebst

Er liebt


  1. Now can't be translated literally. In german, jetzt isn't used for everything now is used for. I think also or nun would fit better as translation.

  2. You have to use mich. Wen liebst du? Mich. (Akkusative of the personal pronoun)

All put together:

Also, liebst du mich?

Nun, liebst du mich?

Note: There are propably more translations that would fit.


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