I read this example sentence in DWDS on Zeitaufwand

Ich mache die Arbeit hier in der Workstation vom Zeitaufwand her hauptberuflich.

but I do not understand the meaning of "vom Zeitaufwand her".

  • What userunknown relates to, is that Workstation means a powerful PC, E.g. for CAD construction. Working in it is hardly possible. Station is also used for the departement of a clinic, but then most likely preposition would be auf.
    – guidot
    Sep 12, 2018 at 9:59
  • 1
    @guidot: the point here is that it is a quote from the Süddeutsche without further context. I believe it is highly irrelevant to the question what they meant with Workstation.
    – Takkat
    Sep 12, 2018 at 10:07

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That phrase von (Dativ) her means taking … into account.

Diese Arbeit ist vom Zeitaufwand her mein Hauptberuf.

Taking the time spent into account, this job is my main job.

Von der Lage her ist das ein schönes Haus.

Taking the location into account, this is a nice house.


Here are more examples for the use of "vom xzy her" in good casual German.

Vom Preis her ist das Zimmer gut, aber die Qualität lässt zu wünschen übrig.

Price-wise the room is good, but quality could be better.

Vom Geschmack her ist das Eis super, aber wenn man die Zutatenliste liest, kommt einem das Grausen.

As for its taste, this ice-cream is good. But reading the ingredients list you will be shocked.

Vom alltäglichen Zusammenleben her ist es mit ihr klasse, aber wir haben grundsätzliche weltanschauliche Differenzen

Regarding everyday life living with her is phantastic, however, we have deeply rooted differences in terms of our worldview.

(Don't judge me on the English sentences. If somebody has suggestions for improvements, you are welcome.)

Note that vom xyz her is used rather in casual mode of language. In formal writing or a parliamentary speech it would be inappropriate. Formal alternatives are

In Bezug auf...


Bezogen auf...

Betrachtet man...

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