The deadlift exercise in German is called Kreuzheben. However, in English there's also the verb "to deadlift". Ex:

I can deadlift 100 kilograms.

How would you say the same thing in German?

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The most natural thing to say would probably be

Ich schaffe 100 kg beim Kreuzheben.


"Kreuzheben" is a compound infinitive like "Bankdrücken". You can construct the verbal back-formation "kreuzheben" and use it as a normal (if somewhat clumsy) verb:

Ich kann 100 kg kreuzheben.

  • Thank you, I suspected as much. I've accepted the other answer as I believe it is the more natural form, but this answer helped too.
    – treeface
    Oct 8, 2018 at 20:43

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