I have a sentence:

Also ich war im Stadion und mir hat es gar nicht gefallen.

Why should I use Dativ (mir) in the case? Can someone give me a reference to the rule?


Also, ich war im Stadion, und mir hat es gar nicht gefallen.

These are two concatenated main clauses.

Also, ich war im Stadion.

In this sentence, ich is the subject and im Stadion is an adverbial of location as a predicative.

Mir hat es gar nicht gefallen.

In this sentence, es is the subject. One could assume es is the whole impression of being in the stadium, as told in the previous clause. Let's assume it was the game which did not meet your standards.

Das Spiel gefällt nicht.

The game does not please.

While this sentence is valid, it's common to tell who has the bad impression.

Das Spiel gefällt mir nicht.

Das Spiel gefällt ihm nicht.

As this person is the receiver of the impression, it has to be a dative object.

Please note this is somewhat arbitrary. Some verbs require a receiver, other verbs treat their object as a mere target:

Das Spiel trifft meinen Geschmack nicht.

Here, meinen Geschmack is an accusative object, because treffen requires a target, not a receiver.

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