lass deine Zunge an die Deutsch Sprache gewöhnen 

(context is that let you Tonge get used to the German language)

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No, this sentence is not correct as Janka outlined in her answer.

However, you could say

Lass deine Zunge sich an die deutsche Sprache gewöhnen.



  • Sentences start with a capital letter and end with a full stop.
  • The word deutsch is this case is an adjective and has to start with a small d. This is the same for all languages and different from how it is handled in English, where languages are always proper names.
  • You have to decline adjectives, this one has to agree the noun die Sprache in gender, number, and case. See the adjective declination tables.
  • The verb gewöhnen does not mean to get used to but rather to accustom. It's needs a person or thing as an accusative object on which the action is performed on. It cannot be deine Zunge in your sentence, because that item is already the accusative object to Lass. The conclusion is you need a reflexive pronoun to repeat deine Zunge.

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