Could this two sentences be right? What I am trying to say is: May I come in?

  1. Darf ich betreten?
  2. Darf ich hereinkommen?
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    I can't find an aspect in this question, which is not covered by a dictionary as here.
    – guidot
    Oct 23 '18 at 9:24

You can say

Darf ich hereinkommen?

or in spoken German

Darf ich reinkommen?

Older people may also say

Darf ich eintreten?

but that is not so common nowadays.

Your first sentence is wrong, because it is always "etwas betreten", like stepping on grass ("Rasen betreten verboten!"). But you could say

Darf ich den Raum betreten? ("May I step into this room?")


Darf ich den Teppich betreten? ("May I step onto this carpet?")