How do you say "I like to learn new things?" in german. Do you say "Ich lerne gern neue sache" or "ich lerne gern neue dinge? Or something else?


I am not a native German speaker, but I grew up learning the language.

I would say "Ich lerne gerne neue Dinge". If you would like to say " I would like to learn new things." I would say "Ich möchte gerne neue Dinge lernen." Both "Sachen" and "Dinge" are correct.

When you are going to write it, do not forget the capital "D"/"S" in "Dinge" or "Sachen".

I hope this helps you.


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    You almost got it right. :) Only the plural of Ding is Dinge. Without the n. – besc Nov 5 '18 at 17:04
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    Thank you! Always happy to learn new things :-). – Els Nov 5 '18 at 17:12

The plural of "Sache" is "Sachen".

But apart from that, yes you can say

"Ich lerne gern neue Sachen."

Another similar phrase you can use:

"Ich bin offen für Neues"

which focuses more on experiencing new stuff, rather than learning them.

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What a German would say is:

Ich lerne gerne Neues.

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