I've noticed that people use ''ich liebe...(jmd)'' for people, a lot, but not for things.

How should I say ''I love Medicine'' or ''I love Africa'' or ''I love New York'', for example?

Like, I mean things or places, not people. I don't feel that ''gefällt mir'' expresses the love, the passion that one can have for a certain thing.

Can I say, for example, ''Ich liebe Medizin''. Is there another way to express it in german?

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    You can use it for things. Why do you have the impression that you can't? – problemofficer Nov 14 '18 at 0:49

There's no such rule. It's just the fact German speakers consider lieben as overblown. A white lie, most of the times. And those are abhored in German customs. That aside, you could always say

Ich liebe Afrika.

Ich liebe das Fach Medizin.

But using mögen or gefallen is far more common, especially with everyday things:

Ich mag Kaffee. (NOT: Ich liebe Kaffee.)

Mir gefällt ihr Stil. (NOT: Ich liebe ihren Stil.)

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