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before 2 years I learned some German language level until B2 but somehow I forgot all the vocabulary.

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    Hi and welcome to German Language S.E.. Thank you for your contribution. Please don't hesitate to take the tour, and look around how this site works. You probably expect a better answer than just "repetition". To get that you may want to consider an edit to your question giving us more details on what you need to know, and how this would be specific to the German language. – Takkat Jan 29 at 9:20
  • There are literally hundreds of learning methods or tools that claim to be the best to learn a language or its vocabulary, but I don't think that there is the one method that is best for everyone. – Frank from Frankfurt Jan 29 at 9:20
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    Practice. The vocabulary will come back easily. – Janka Jan 29 at 10:44
  • Thank you so much for best comment @Janka – joki3 Jan 29 at 15:29
  • To elaborate on Janka's answer: I would not refer to any special "methods" for memorizing or re-memorizing words (such as flash cards or whatever). They are useful, but only to a certain extent. The best and most effective "method" is using words: speak! read! write! sing! whatever... use! the language, and use it in communication with other humans. For example, statt deine Frage hier auf English zu stellen, könntest du sie auf Deutsch stellen (Fehler sind erlaubt!), und schon hast du deinen Wortschatz trainiert! – Christian Geiselmann Jan 29 at 16:45

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