I got these following two example of multiplicative number Zehnfache used as a noun and possessing neuter gender, though I do not get much information on multiplicative number using as a noun. So my questions are, Are the all multiplicative numbers used as a noun? and which gender they possess?

  1. … stiegen die Grundstückspreise zunächst aufs Zehnfache

  2. das Zehnfache wert sein


Yes, such Multiplikatoren are built all the same way, and they are all neutral:

einhundertvierunddreißigtausend, das Einhundertvierunddreißigtausendfache

das 134.000-fache (often used, though not recommended)

Sometimes, Fugenlaute are added:

die Million, das Millionenfache

die Milliarde, das Milliardenfache

And you can combine it with fractions, these are called gemischte Zahl:

5⅛, fünfeinachtel, das Fünfeinachtelfache.

In the case of 1½, you may hear

1½, anderthalb, das Anderthalbfache

That's a common replacement for the written

1½, eineinhalb, das Eineinhalbfache

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    FWIW, in Dutch, we also say and write anderhalf instead of één en een half. Feb 17 '19 at 18:31
  • The first letter of a noun needs to be capitalized.
    – Olafant
    Feb 17 '19 at 20:54
  • A spelling error, I've corrected it.
    – Janka
    Feb 17 '19 at 21:23

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