In the manufacturing and production sense what does the second item listed below mean in German and what is its translation to English ?

  1. gefertigt
  2. versd'ber.
  3. abgesandt

enter image description here


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Just guessing, but in this context it might possibly be an abbreviation of "versandbereit" (ready for shipment)

Update: Now a scan of the original has been posted: it is an abbreviation of "versandbereit"


A word verad'ber doesn't exist in the German language neither any word remotely similar!

Given the context the word could be verarbeitet (processed).

Thus, you have:

  1. produced
  2. processed
  3. shipped


After addition of the scanned image, I see "versd'ber." instead of "verad'ber." Therefore, I think that PiedPiper is right with his guess. It's:

versd'ber. = versandbereit --> ready for shipment

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